What Causes Brain Freeze?

I was getting ready to give you this really great tip when I took a sip of my frozen smoothie, and you guessed it, I got the ol’ “Brain Freeze”.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced this headache – also known as a “driller”, a “shake ache” or an “ice cream headache”.

Being the curious person that I am, I wondered what caused this. Since I am known as the “go to” guy, I just had to figure it out. So I stopped what I was doing, got out my trusty laptop, and did some quick research.

Come to find out, it shouldn’t be called “brain freeze” at all, it should be called “brain meltdown”. When a cold object touches the roof of your mouth, the blood vessels quickly contract in an effort to prevent loss of body heat. As the coldness recedes, the blood vessels relax again, quickly increasing blood flow to the brain. This sudden release is what causes the intense headache sensation.

Some quick cures for brain freeze are to put your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe quickly to warm the inside of your mouth. Drink a warm beverage or press your tongue or your thumb flat against the roof of your mouth. The more pressure you apply, the faster the headache will subside.

Now here is a cure for another type of brain freeze. Trying to sort through all the properties on the market to see what’s a good deal and what is not can leave you with a HUGE headache.

The quick cure for that is to call or email me and let me go over them with you.

I look at these things everyday and promise to blow away the smoke and let you know if it’s a good deal, and even show you some new properties that just became listed.

Work with someone you can trust, who has experience, and who can show you a lot of options, not just the one that is listed in a flyer. I am a true specialist, I want to help you review ALL your options.

I’m looking forward to talking with you soon!

Keith Parrett
CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert)
Realty World Pigati and Russell
Direct: (925) 580-4650
Efax: (866) 404-4934
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